How to cut video in youcut

You can cut a video in YouCut by following these steps:

Open YouCut: Open the YouCut app on your smartphone.

Import Your Video: Tap on the "Create New Video" button and select the video you want to cut from your phone's gallery.

Add Video to Timeline: Once you have selected the video, it will be added to the timeline in YouCut. You can drag it left or right to find the part of the video you want to cut.

Trim the Video: Tap on the video on the timeline to select it, and then drag the start and end markers to the desired locations. You can also use the left and right arrows to fine-tune the selection. The part of the video outside the markers will be removed.

Preview the Trimmed Video: Tap on the play button to preview the trimmed video and make sure it looks the way you want it.

Save the Trimmed Video: After you have trimmed the video, tap on the "Export" button located at the bottom of the screen. On the export screen, select the resolution and quality of your video and tap on "Export" again.

Save the Video: After YouCut has finished exporting the video, you will be prompted to save the trimmed video to your smartphone's gallery. Give it a name and select a location to save the video, and then tap on "Save."

That's it! You have successfully cut a video in YouCut. The trimmed video will now be saved to your smartphone's gallery, and you can share it with others or use it in your projects.

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